If you're looking to add a little Lucky Chocolates to your Business why not try some of our best Sellers? 

salt caramels copy.jpg

Salt Caramel Marshmallows

Handmade Salt Caramel Marshmallows are one of our best sellers! We make the marshmallow in house, swirl it together with our delicious caramel, coat it in our decedant 70% Organic Dark Chocolate, and top it all off with Sea Salt!

peppermint bark.jpg


We've got it all, Nut Barks, Fruit Barks, Spicy Barks, Sweet Barks. You name it! And if we don't make it already, we could make a custom bark just for you! Just choose from our Wonderful White Chocolate, Mouthwatering Milk Chocolate, or Delectable Dark Chocolate and tell us what you want to fill it with!



Nothing is more rich in flavor or looks than our Truffles! Our very unique Sour Lemon, our classic Dark Cocoa, our new Vegan Raspberry! They're all amazing, and the perfect little sweets for any business. Want your logo on our truffles? We can do that too! Ask us about getting custom transfers done for your chocolates!

Need a quote? Curious to see what we sell wholesale? Want a custom product made? Shoot us an email!

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