Our Ingredients


Chocolate, Cocoa, & Coconut

We use the finest chocolate, Agastoni brand. Organic and fair trade, that feels as good as it tastes! Our Cocoa that we sell by the bag, use in our Mochas, and dust our Cocoa Almonds with is Dutch Cocoa from Agastoni. Our Organic Cocoa Chips are from Multiple Organics.

Caramel & Dairy

The caramel and dairy we use may not be vegan but it is certainly delicious! Soft, sweet Peter's Caramel and fresh milk and cream we pick up locally from Adams Fairacre Farms in Kingston. 


Peanuts & Tree Nuts

A good portion of our nuts come from organic sellers like Tierra Farms! All come to us roasted and salted. Delicious and perfect to mix with our chocolate! Some of the nuts we use for toppings will come from our local Mother's Earth Storehouse! 

Fruits, Sugar, & Salt

Our Organic Cane Sugar is used to sweeten our delicious marshmallows! Flaky Maldon Sea Salt is used to top our famous Salt Caramels and Salt Caramel Marshmallows, huge delicious chunks that really bring out the flavor of our chocolate! The organic dried and candied fruits we dip and smother in our 70% dark chocolate all come from Nuts.com! 

All of our products are made with as much care as possible, however we are a small business that handles both nuts and gluten, and cross-contamination is likely. We warn against taking risks if you have a severe nut or gluten allergy. Please take this into consideration when buying for people who have these allergies. We are sorry for the inconvenience and hope to remedy this in the future.